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Poll: What Kind of (New) Business Does Granville Need?

Date Published: September 19th, 2008
Categories: Discussion, Local Business News

I was recently reading an article on the Granville Sentinel Online, and saw this comment:

“Anyone know what is going into the GoodYear Tire place and WHY! We seem to be loosing all of the practical shops that were in walking distance. The village grocer is gone. Our car repair shop is gone. With gas prices on the rise, I think the village planners should be encouraging localized service sites.

Wish we could have fought for our repair shop. Thankfully we still have Ross Hometown Market and Taylor’s Drug close at hand. And I know, the gas station is still here for repair work, but the walk up and down the hill is much less fun. “

I hear this same type of sentiment fairly often from friends and acquaintences.  Granville has such a vibrant downtown, but if you speak to local shop owners, it’s not like they are flourishing.  Lately, we’ve had some nice restaurant additions (The Short Story, Nona & Del Mar), but other shops have disappeared.

The question is:  what kind of business does Granville need?  (And then a great follow on question is:  will Granvillians actually patron new stores?)  For example, if Granville had a general sporting goods store, would you shop there?  …or would you make the trek up to Dick’s at Easton and spend your money there?

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